Taught in groups which meet weekly, these courses are offered in fall, winter and spring. They provide ongoing instruction, exercise and mentoring through a variety of sports including basketball, baseball, flag football, and soccer. The courses introduce proper techniques and important sports fundamentals (throwing, catching, kicking, batting, etc.). Along with sports skills, children learn the importance of being active and the principals of teamwork, concentration, confidence, leadership, goal setting, and respect for peers and authority figures. For pre-school children, group courses also incorporate creative expression and play.



DubeZone offers sports and fitness-based theme parties for birthdays and other special occasions. Children will have an unforgettable experience driven by fun, energetic, DubeZone coaches. Our parties are structured around the birthday child and making him/her feel special on their big day. We emphasize that his/her friends are there to make the day all about him/her. Your child should come home feeling like a million dollars on their big day!



For the performance-minded child, private or semi private coaching provides the most individualized, intensive skills training. This program is ideal for those preparing for organized sports leagues or for working on improving aspects of their individual game. Private coaching also offers individualized attention to children who may require extra skills training or additional assistance developing self confidence – in athletics or social settings. Skills emphasized include hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and concentration.

While our sessions are focused on teaching sports we feel that we can not teach a child to be a better player or athlete without teaching them to have strong and respectful character as well. These go hand in hand.

Our sessions are 50 minutes long and take place at your house or a local park. We bring all the equipment and the coach creates a curriculum that will work well for your child’s skill level and age.


DubeZone also offers Bar Mitzvah sports package, Corporate Event Activities and Sports, and Holiday and Summer Mini Camps.