About DubeZone Birthday Parties!


Our birthday events are specifically designed to combine Dube Zone’s theme of fun and fitness to create a party that is far from traditional. Your child will go home looking and feeling better than ever once they join us for the festivities!

Before the party starts, there’s the option for the parents to pick three of their child’s favorites sports. DubeZone provides age­-appropriate games and activities for both the younger crowd and the adults so that no one is left out. Once it’s party time, everyone plays their favorite sports, eat their favorite birthday food, and learn tips that can be invaluable for improving their wellness and performance. Our parties are always pumped with energy and passion, with our team dedicated in giving our guests, especially the birthday boy or girl, the M.V.P. treatment!

When the party finally comes to a close, our coaches will present the birthday child with a personalized gift, encouraging them to feel like every day is their birthday. Guests won’t leave empty handed either­ balloons and tattoos are given as party favors while other DubeZone items are available for purchase long after the party is over.

DubeZone Birthday Parties