What people are saying about DubeZone and its Coaches.

All I have to say is: the BEST program ever! My son Joseph wishes every day was Tuesday because that is his DubeZone day. Thank you for so graciously allowing him to enjoy and flourish in such a wonderful after school activity!

Karen Hershkowitz

TODAY SHOW Correspondent
“If you have never had the privilege of having Mike Dube coach your kid…you are losing out. I have never seen a more committed, talented and fun loving guy who is basically a ‘kid magnet.’ My son David can be a tough customer, quitting classes as soon as he is signed up. David can’t wait to attend baseball practice and games. He is taking the sport seriously and loves going. Dube also instills midot of what is right and wrong and how to treat and support fellow teammates. This is stuff that cannot be measured.

We love Mike and we know you will too. Don’t miss out on having Dube coach your kids!”


Janice Lieberman

Program Development Assistant
Guttenberg Center for Special Services
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades

“Each year, The Guttenberg Center for Special Services of the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades organizes Special Games—Special People, a field day for children and adults with special needs. With the help of volunteers, close to 200 participants enjoy a day of music, games, food and fun. Mike Dube has volunteered each of the last four years.

His service to our children and adults with special needs starts months before the event, when he helps to recruit volunteers and to publicize the Games in the community. At each Games event, he acts as a coach and cheering section for those who participate and a role model for the many children and teens who volunteer. He is indispensable and we look forward to many more years of continued partnership.”

Teresa Stahl

“This letter is in support of Michael Dube and the DubeZone sports center. I met Michael this year as he began to coach my son Noah in T- ball. I have had multiple interactions with him since. I have found him to be passionate, patient and motivating to all the kids he coaches. He has gone out of his way to spend extra time with Noah after practice. In fact, we are so impressed with his knowledge and ability to interact with the kids that we hired him once a week to work with both my boys.

As a surgeon, it is in my daily job description to meet an individual, understand their problem and gain their confidence in a short period of time. Mike has those same qualities. I have the utmost confidence in his ability and I can assure you I will be first in line to sign my kids up for the DubeZone once it is opened.”

Michael Stifelman, MD

“I wanted to thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm with which you have approached the coaching of our children. Besides all the great skills they learn, kids are empowered, encouraged and made feel important. You even manage to squeeze in a few midots which all of us try so hard to install in them on a daily bases. You have raised the bar for all the coaches and gave a new definition to volunteering.

With appreciation and best wishes for continued success…”

Celia Shmukler, MD

“I just wanted to thank you for giving my son, Bentzion, the opportunity to take your 3rd grade basketball class at The JCT. After his first class, he was able to implement what he learned and score 8 points at his next league game, a record for him. Thanks to your dedicated coaches and the non-competitive atmosphere, Bentzion is more motivated to learn and practice than ever. Thanks again!”

Deborah Goldberg Fiorino

“We cannot say enough good things about Mike Dube and the way that he interacts with children. He was our son’s t-ball coach last year and made the experience so incredible that all our son wanted to do was play baseball again this summer. Many people talk the talk about ‘it is not whether you win or lose but how you play the game’; Mike Dube walks the walk!

It was wonderful to see a coach impart that important philosophy to young boys first beginning their sporting lives. Our son truly grew last summer under Mike’s tutelage—both as a ball player and as a sportsman! We could not recommend anyone more highly to run a facility focused on the development of children through the sports and physical activity than Mike Dube.”

Jeff and Bella Morgan

“There are few things in life like the DubeZone. I have coached teams together with Michael Dube and never once was a timeout had or a pregame speech made that did not include the need for hard work, intensity, and strong moral character.

I have played in numerous leagues with DubeZone and he has always been a winner, he also creates winners with his attitude and perseverance.

DubeZone also coached my daughter in t-ball, she is quite tentative and uninspired when it comes to sports/athletics. NOT with Coach Dube, he compelled her to swing harder, take the extra base, and to not be afraid of the ball and more importantly NOT be afraid of failure.

Go get ‘em coach!”


Ami Rosen

“As a mother of a son, a six year old boy, whose light can be seen planets away, it is my duty and my honor to offer him the best I can in anything and everything.

I was elated to hear t-ball was beginning this past spring and was eager to sign him up as this would be his introduction to a team sport. Baseball being a personal favorite of mine, and a sport that was ever-present in my own household growing up with my father being drafted for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and my two older brothers playing college ball, I was hoping some of that inherent talent would show in my son.

If ever there was a chance for it to begin on the right foot and with the right coach, my son was blessed with his introduction being in the gentle hands of Mike Dube. Mikes presence is a powerful one — in stature, in confidence, in talent, in energy, and in his approach with love. He steps on the field and the game begins before the first ball gets thrown.

His style, his command of the boys is effortless — as each child is as unique as their skill levels are, Mike coaches both collectively and individually. I was in awe at each practice and each game, watching my son take part in not just a team sport, but a true gift from having Mike shadow him. His abilities obviously run far beyond teaching them to catch, to hit, and to field. Through those lessons, the lessons of life, personal best, self esteem, disappointment, encouragement, and certainly, all for one and one for all — the consistency in spirit, in a quest and thirst to learn, to run, to try, and be a part of something.

Mike never once merely showed up to practices and games but gave from his soul to these boys, and my gratitude runs long and deep that my son was one of his boys. Ive heard it said that you get back what you put out: that being said, and a lovely sentiment, Mike should sit back because he has much coming back to him. I just have a feeling he’s a fountain and has many more childrens’ lives to touch!”


Jody Lumerman

“I wanted to express to you my thoughts of yesterday’s practice…Zach’s first practice. He left the field with such joy, and voiced his excitement… ‘ I can’t wait until next practice…I wish there was a game on Sunday!’ Zach is an overall happy child, but there was a vivid spark in his eye.

Your technique of coaching is seemingly different than the techniques of other coaches. You can see both the love for the sport and the love for the kids.”

Shane Markus

“I am a mother of three young boys. I have had my fair share of T-Ball, little league, hockey and basketball.

Recently, my 6 year old son started playing T-Ball. From past experience, T-Ball tends to be unstructured and disorganized. The children often lose interest and end up goofing around on the field.

This year, my son has been fortunate to experience a different kind of T-Ball. His coach, Mike Dube, has made T-Ball practice fun and exciting. Mike Dube has this inert ability to engage the children, connect with them and instill in them a true passion for the sport.

It is a pleasure to watch Mike Dube coach. I can’t think of a better person to run a sports-based enrichment program for children.

I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and hope that my children cross paths with ‘Coach Dube’ again someday.”

Dalia Levine

“Now that basketball season has wrapped up, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your tireless dedication to coaching Avi and his classmates over the past months. Your passion and enthusiasm for the game set a new standard, but it was your focus on teaching gamesmanship and fair play which was truly inspirational to watch. Each player was publicly acknowledged for his unique contribution to the team, and undoubtedly each boy’s sense of self-esteem and confidence was buoyed by your personal remarks.

It gratifies us as parents that that the boys were able to see leadership at its best during this pivotal time of growth in their lives. It is a priceless lesson that your persistence didn’t wane even when the team may have fallen behind in points, and you pushed each and every one to keep hustling until the final buzzer sounded. There is no doubt they have grown immeasurably from their time under your guidance.

Thank you again for your commitment and fostering a winning environment for the team.”


Chana Katz

Director, i-Shine
“It is always challenging starting a new program, with new staff, new kids, in a new school and there are so many details that have to fall into place.

One of the most difficult challenges at i-Shine is bringing together children from different schools, different ages, living with different challenges into one cohesive group. Mike Dube from Dube Zone took individual kids suffering from illness or loss in their family and brought them joy, excitement, and created a unified group that bonded instantaneously. Our volunteers, were on fire and the activities allowed them to bond with their children.

This event was a huge success and we are looking forward to welcoming Dube Zone back to i-Shine Teaneck and i-Shine five towns in the near future.”


Andy Lauber LMSW

Teaneck, NJ
Our son, who is not athletic at all, just joined the Dube Zone sports club at Yavneh Academy last week. He agreed to try it out and I held my breath the entire time.

I am thrilled to share with you that he loved it! He is so looking forward to tomorrow being that it’s another Dube Zone day! Thank you for providing this priceless opportunity for our son!!!


On behalf of the other parents, and boys, I would like to once again collectively thank Mike Dube and Alon Stempel for all their coaching efforts this season!
As a sponsor – I certainly got my “money’s worth” – – but as parents, I think we all got much more.

There is no question that each and every boy gained a lot from the dedication and attentiveness of their coaches this year.

It is ironic and somewhat befitting – that the coaches who taught our boys “how to win” so many games this season (and maintain their grace and professionalism even during blow-out games) — ended the season full circle – and also taught our kids “how to lose” — with dignity, with self-respect, and with perseverance.

Thanks again for your efforts! The kids… the games… the parents… and the league… were all better as a result!

Best wishes to all for a Chag Kasher v’Sameach



Amira is really enjoying the Sunday morning class with Coach Randy and Coach Samm at City Sports. Her basketball skills are improving, she is getting good exercise, and best of all, she now enjoys playing basketball. The coaches are very encouraging and teach the skills in a fun way. Thank you so much for a fantastic class.

Rachel Schneider

Coach Mike Sammarco is here today and he’s great! Kids are having a great time. I love to hear them laughing and enjoying themselves. He’s wonderful with the various ages too.

Thank you!

Elana Ochs

Achinoam Camp Gan Israel Director
DubeZone with Coach Jon is going amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
The kids love him and he is really awesome with them!
Thank you so much for sending us a Coach who is so patient and kind!

Achi Levin

Congregation Beth Abraham of Bergenfield
Yesterday was awesome!! You guys are amazing! We got great feedback. You have an EXCELLENT staff, such mentches!

Keep up the good work!

Rivkah Felman

Englewood, NJ
When I first met Coach Mike after moving to NJ, my seven year-old son was not confident in his sports skills. He felt that he would never catch up to his new friends who had been playing sports in the suburbs for a while. Mike changed my son’s life and built his confidence in turn. During his weekly sessions with my son, Mike strengthened his skills along with his belief in himself and his abilities.

Now, my son actively participates in sports whether he is with a group of friends at someone’s house or on a team. Now he believes in himself when he is playing sports with his friends, and it is beautiful to watch. Mike’s focus on skill development coupled with his ability to build self-esteem and confidence in the child together constitute his signatures in his approach to working with children.


Teaneck, NJ
My son is in the 2’s program at Temple Emeth and has sports with Coach Jason on Mondays. I have never seen Coach Jason but have heard from my son how much he loves him. He is so happy when I tell him that Coach Jason will be coming to his class. I’m just so impressed that my young son is so excited about a class! Your coach must be very talented to work with such young kids! Thank you. Just wanted to reach out and let you know what a great job Coach Jason is doing!