Executive Staff

Mike Dube, President & Head Coach

Mr. Dube exemplifies excellence in his professional life, commitment to the community, and in athletic achievement.

His selfless endeavors have been recognized by numerous organizations throughout Bergen County, the U.S, and Israel.

A dynamic individual who leads by example, Mr. Dube has volunteered countless hours with a variety of faith-based and secular social service organizations aiding individuals in need of food, shelter, employment, and life-guidance.

He has lent his helping hand to individuals as diverse as abused women in Bergen County to Hurricane Katrina victims in Houston to soldiers in the Middle East.

Mr. Dube is a seasoned athlete, with a decorated high school and college career in basketball and intramural sports. More recently, Mr. Dube has placed tops in local and regional sports competitions including 5K runs, fast-pitch softball tournaments, home run derbys, and touch football play.

A favorite among parents and youth athletes, Mr. Dube regularly volunteers his services in the areas of youth coaching and mentoring. He has a six-year involvement in the Jewish Special Olympics, and a two-year coaching position with Englewood T-Ball. He even coached a youth boys’ basketball team to a first place finish in their inaugural year. Over the years, he has also helped several community organizations to run youth sports-related fundraising events.

Rachel Dube, Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Dube has business experience that spans many years in the sales and marketing arenas. She also spent many years working with children while teaching K-6th grade Hebrew School. She serves as the Jewish Community Liaison at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, where she works with a variety of community organizations and individuals to help them access healthcare and medical services.

Mrs. Dube, like her husband, is extremely committed to community service and works with many local and regional social service organizations, both on a volunteer basis and in her professional capacity at the Medical Center. She was recently honored with the Courage Award by the Care Plus Foundation which strives to build a better world for those in our community with mental health issues.

As a working mother of two, Mrs. Dube understands firsthand the value of high-quality, reliable youth programming as well as the importance of physical activity and sports in the lives of children.